Expert-Level Product Designer, UX PM & UX Engineer

I can’t imagine being in any other profession.

Being innately connected to all aspects of the creative processes when building a product brings a certain level of challenges, but also the same level of joy witnessing the hard work pay off for the user.

We best serve the user when thinking about how we can add meaningful value to their true needs through timely research and fundamental design principles, while pushing our own assumptions aside.

Paul is a real team player who works hard, delivers great work and has a healthy work ethic.
A rapid learner who adapts quickly to ever changing situations and priorities, welcomes feedback and critique from others and constantly looks out for new approaches and ideas, fosters a spirit of innovation with his unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

He's also extremely resourceful and has a knack for turning problems into opportunities.
Margaret SlombaDesign Team Lead

Be clear over clever.

– Sound UX Principles –

Some Recent Work

Below is a series of work that proudly demonstrates a wide gamut of design disciplines.

Zoro / Button Component

/ /
A popular ecommerce store needs a well-defined modern approach to their rethinking about a button component using best UX standards and UI conformity.

Zoro / Pagination Component

/ / /
A popular ecommerce store needs a well-defined modern approach to their rethinking about a pagination component using best UX standards and UI conformity.

Resero Analytics / Business Cards

Resero has invested a significant amount of time and money into a new brand. It was time to extend the new brand assets to business […]
🔒 – Some work contains non-disclosed material and needs a password to view.

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  • John Ye
    User Experience Designer
  • I’ve worked alongside Paul for close to a year and a half. During this time I have often relied on Paul’s experience and expertise in UI / UX, and design focused areas of our roles and thoroughly enjoyed working with him given the quality of his work.

    Shannon Archer
    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Paul was always one of the first people I turned to (luckily he sat right behind me) whenever I had a question or needed any help. We have spent many hours in-browser perfecting components. Very grateful to have met and worked with him!

    Ada Rafalowicz
    Senior Product Designer
  • Karen Halladay
    Visual and Graphic Designer
  • Dave Watson
    Founder & CEO - Resero Analytics
  • I had the upmost pleasure of working with Paul side by side for about a year. I have learned so much from him in many areas; design, marketing, coding, and more which now further me into my own career.
    Self-starter, detail oriented, outside-the-box thinker, problem solver, are just a few of the ways I would describe Paul – number one choice, hands down!

    Stephanie Daniel
    Graphic Designer

Core Design Principles

UX Project Manager

Leading clients through project milestones with a touch of realism and confidence.

Web Development

Coding responsive templates and interactive components that are modern and sustainable.

UI Team Lead

Guiding teams through the processes of defining, building components and design systems.

UX Engineer

Defining and creating user-centric components that meet corporate goals and user needs.

UI Design

Using design thinking principles to build sound layouts and components.

Good Guy

Because who doesn’t want to work with one.

Recent Chasms

Writing about side projects, conceptual ideas, and the design ecosystem. 

Writing a Booklet About Off-grid Solar Systems

About one month ago from this writing, I’ve been outlining and assembling a booklet about the things I’ve learned about off-grid solar systems since we’ve built our first one back...
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Documenting Our Long Term Road Trip

About our little side project about documenting our lives on the road via a little web site blog and a Instagram feed.
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